Goldwing CB installation

A popular option for a Goldwing is a CB radio. Some people think the Goldwing comes stock with a CB because it already has the controls on the grip. It doesn't. If you buy the CB from a dealer they are VERY expensive. You can find them cheaper on Ebay. In this day and age a CB is an outdated technology but the Honda CB integrates nicely with the Goldwing electronics and display.

For a long time I couldn't bring myself to pay the 'Goldwing tax' and get a CB, but I found a good buy on Ebay and got one for about half the price of new (still not cheap, though). I've since found out you can sometimes buy refurbished ones from Service Honda for even less.

The CB came well boxed with all the filter capacitors and accessories.

The CB is mounted at the bottom of the storage compartment in the trunk.

A 28mm hole needs to be drilled for the wires to pass through. The outline for the hole is already marked. The instructions say to remove the trunk but I was able to loosen it by removing the front two bolts, loosening the rear two, and tilting it up enough to drill the hole.

28mm is close to 1 1/8", and I didn't have anything that size. I used a Uni-bit to get to 7/8", then used a 1" drill bit, and finished the hole with a grinder burr bit.

The kit included some padding to use to mount the CB, but I used velcro instead.

The kit includes a coverplate for the CB compartment. The instructions call for drilling some 7mm holes and installing push fasteners, but once again I used velcro instead. The empty space next to the CB will be a good place to store paperwork that I might need to easily access. With the trunk carpet in place you don't know the CB is there. Here is the wiring outside the trunk.

The final job is connecting the wiring, which is plug 'n' play. The power plug is behind the relay panel.

The main plug is under the stereo.

The first filter connects directly above the battery. The connector is exposed. I wired tied it to the fuel sender cable. This is the power wire for the fuel pump.

The next plug is in the connector pouch above the left fan. These are the power wires to the left fan.

The filter in place.

The last filter goes in the plug in the connector pouch above the right fan. These are the power wires to the right fan.

The last thing I did was secure the main cable with zip ties and ziploom.

That completes the installation of the CB.

Update: After verifying I wouldn't be drilling into the ABS module I drilled a couple drain holes in the CB compartment.

CB antenna installation

Honda CB Manual (44MB)

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