2009 East 50 motorcycle trip
Day 9

September 12

Today is the last full day of our vacation. We've done everything we planned to do so today we'll just hit some places we've been and some we haven't. We're gonna do the Tail of the Dragon, Fontana Dam, ride US19 to Maggie Valley, check out the bike rally in Cherokee, then back over US441 to Pigeon Forge. My feet are sore from all the walking yesterday. I'm old.

Today we returned to IHOP. Mike enjoyed his breakfast yesterday, and so did I, so we did an encore. They were a little busy on this Saturday morning. Lots of people here for the hotrod show. They gave us the little beeper to alert us when a table was available. We'd just sat down for a few seconds when it went off and we got a table. We ordered breakfast. I got an omelette.

While we were waiting on our food I got a text from my brother. It just said that our dad was being transferred by ambulance to the cath lab in Bloomington. Hmmmmmmmm...that's not good. I texted him back to keep me updated, and I also texted my mom and sister. My mom called me and she didn't sound too worried. He'd had some chest pain, went to the hospital where they found a blocked artery, so he was being sent for a heart cath. I also texted my girlfriend. She's a paramedic and I value her opinion greatly.

After we finished breakfast (I just nibbled mine) I told Mike that I should go home early, but he was welcome to stay. He said he'd go home, too. We had did so much already I don't think going home early felt like a disappointment. We took the Apple Valley backroad route back to the cabin. I hooked up the Dumpster and started packing up. 30 minutes later we were ready to go. At 11:05 we pulled away from the cabin for the last time.

Walden Creek, TN. 11:13, mileage 38,037 - Filled the bikes with fuel, then headed to the Fireside Chalet office to drop off the keys. I thought about going through Pigeon Forge and catching I-40, but it was obvious traffic was horrible so we did a U-turn and took Goose Gap Road to US441, then through Knoxville to I-75. Traffic thru Knoxville was a little slow in spots due to the stoplights. I didn't have my camera deployed so I didn't get any pictures on our way north out of Tennessee.

In mid-Kentucky I had to deploy my camera on the move to take a picture of an ultra rare site...Mike leading. HA!

Berea, KY. 14:06, mileage 38,205 - We pulled into our popular stopping location after 168 miles and almost three hours on the road. I checked my text messages. Dad seemed to be doing fine. My girlfriend was worried about me.

Interstate driving.

As we approached the I-64 bridge over the Ohio River we were swarmed by a covey of sport touring bikes.

Galena, IN. 16:17, mileage 38,332 - Back on Indiana soil we stopped for gas at the same station we did on our last trip together. Mike got his bag out of the Dumpster as he'll continue on US150 in Paoli.

US150 in Indiana...but it looks just like Maryland.

Southern Indiana in September.

I've ridden by this building in Chambersburg with its collection of signs several times but today I finally got a picture.

Cruising through Paoli, IN. In a few blocks I'll head north on IN37 and Mike will continue west on US150.

Bedford, IN. 17:51, mileage 38,390 - Back in Bedford where the trip had begun nine days and 2675 miles earlier.

I went home, unpacked, and went to Bloomington to visit Dad. He was doing fine. He was tired of the hospital food already and eager to go home.

Day 9 pictures

368 miles.

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