2013 Bardstown Motorycle trip
Day 4

August 25

This morning was a repeat of yesterday. Donna up first. Breakfast in the hotel. While Donna cleaned up I packed the laptop. While I cleaned up she packed up everything else. We set the luggage and helmets outside our window. No need to carry them.

Everyone packed their bikes. The cover for my street bag has several tears in it. I need to fix it or replace it. It's supposed to be in the 90's today, but with minimal humidity. We'll see how that works out.

We're going to revisit My Old Kentucky Home then go to the Willet Distillery. The Willet Distillery doesn't open until noon.

It was a 20 minute ride up US150 to My Old Kentucky Home park. They don't allow picture taking inside the mansion, and I've been here before, so I didn't get to excited about taking pictures. It was already starting to get warm so we hung out in the gift shop area until time for the tour.

The tour is interesting and worth doing. Afterwards we checked out the gardens and out buildings. I like the paver walkways.

My Sweetheart and I.

We had over an hour until the distillery opened so we sat in the shade in the parking lot. A van from Virginia parked nearby. As they were walking their young children said something about the bikes so John invited them over. Both of them sat on John's trike.

John gave both of them a ride around the parking lot. Both of the kids had a fascinated look to them. It was cool to see. Maybe one day they'll find these pictures on the web.

We decided to ride up the road to a convenience store for some liquids to offset the increasing temperatures. I wasn't real impressed with this place. They didn't have lids to fit their cups. Donna had the cashier check her lottery tickets and she ended up printing her new ones. What? No.

We got tired of standing around here so we headed to the Willet Distillery. Maybe they had somewhere nice to wait? The Willet Distillery is passed the Heaven Hill Distillery. You go on a long gravel road. It is a newer place and pretty.

We ended up standing in some shade next to the gift shop. One of the cashiers invited us in early. Ahhhhhh...air conditioning. We stood around until time for tour. I was glad to start walking. My ankles get stiff and sore when I stand around.

This tour showed their version of the distillation process. Everything here is on a smaller scale. This business is family owned and operated.

With the tour completed it was time to move on our next adventure...lunch. A GPS search revealed a Huddle House...the official restaurant of the East 50 Phelons.

Poor Jerri had problems with her Iphone all weekend so John fixed it for her. Jerri's son was doing an Ironman competition in Louisville and she was trying to keep track of his progress.

Hamburger and french fries.

After lunch we were on the road again. Soon we were among Louisville traffic. If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times...we hate the traffic here. At on ramps I will check merging traffic to see if I need to get over or not. Sometimes the merge lanes will just appear out of nowhere in the twisting concrete jungle of Louisville. At one of these hidden ramps a Mercedes suddenly appeared. I checked the other lane to see if it was clear and when I looked back I was shocked to see the Mercedes merging into my spot. Thanks dude! The other lane was clear so I moved over with no drama, but it was another example of why we like to avoid Louisville and its jerk drivers.

Soon afterwards the black cherry Goldwing again took the lead all the way to Sellersburg. It was fun keeping up with him.

Sellersburg, IN. 15:30, mileage 68,900 - Our last stop of the trip. There was another couple riding a Tri-Glide parked near us so we talked to them for awhile. The temperature was 90+ so it felt good to be in the shade.

I checked my phone and there was a text from Stephanie. Her and Monty were home. I had been keeping an eye out in case our paths might cross. They had ridden a circle around us.

Sometimes it is a pain in the butt trying to get out of the gas station. Traffic seems to stagger itself from both directions. Today was one of those days. I got tired of waiting so we turned east on US31 and took a new path. Outside of Sellersburg I saw a lot of train tracks and such. I reached for my camera...damn...I forgot to deploy it. No pictures for the final leg home.

We took US31 to Memphis then merged back onto I-65. From there it was our normal route home. IN-250. US50. We waved goodbye at John & Debby's house and another weekend vacation was over.

141 miles.

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