Torq Master exhaust

One of the items damaged in the Goldwing crash was the right muffler. The amount of insurance money for the factory muffler was enough that I could buy a set of Torq Master mufflers, so that's what I did. I'd rather upgrade than replace. I ordered the 'KW turndown' model from DirectLine Parts during one of their 10% off sales.

The new mufflers are fully chromed. The kit comes with new mounting hardware, new clamps, new gaskets...everything you need for an easy installation.

And, the installation IS easy. Slip off the old ones and slip on the new ones. The new mufflers are maybe 1 or 2dB louder than stock. They have a nice rumbly sound. I didn't want something loud. This version of pipes comes standard with the 'quiet baffles'.

When I was able to start putting trim back on I ran into a small issue. The right muffler was too far back to fit into the chrome trim piece that attaches to it. I had to make the hole in the mounting bracket longer. The left side fit perfectly.

A view from the rear. These pipes are maybe 1/2" smaller diameter than the stock pipes.

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