Satellite antenna coax shortening

I'm mounting my Sirius antenna on a bracket that is attached to the Sirius radio holder. I only need about 6" of antenna coax but the antenna has about 18 feet. I could just curl it up somewhere but it would look dorky. Instead I'm going to shorten the coax to just what I need.

We have two things going for us with a satellite antenna. It's receive only, and it's receiving digital data which isn't as sensitive as analog. Otherwise this type of shortening would have negative results and I wouldn't recommend it.

The coax is small so I used a razor blade to carefully strip it. Push the ground braid back (like you would a sock). Put some shrink wrap in place to cover the whole modification area and a short piece to cover the center conductor.

Note: Razor blades are sharp. Ouch!.

Solder the center conductor. Slip the small heat shrink over and shrink it.

Note 2: I don't solder professionally, and it shows.

Ideally you want to work the ground braid back together. I couldn't get the braid to go over the heat shrink so I used a piece of wire conductor to connect the braids. Cover the whole mess with the final piece of heat shrink.

The finished product looks much neater.

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