Rear speakers

When I bought my Goldwing I was under the impression it came with rear speakers. I was wrong. For 2001-2005 rear speakers are optional. Although I don't plan to do a lot of jamming I wanted rear speakers to round out the sound system. I ordered a set of Big Bike Parts OEM replacements from Electrical Connection.

Kit contents. The wiring is plug and play. The instructions are so-so.

The speaker pods have to be removed to install the speakers. There are three screws on the bottom of the pods which are obvious. There are two other screws that need to be removed...the dark screws shown here. The trunk lid liner has to be removed to get these out. I did this install in conjunction with my trunk power upgrade.

The rear speaker connector is located under the seat behind the relay block. It is the black 4-pin connector.

It's not mentioned in the instructions, but the pair of wires with the red/yellow wire is for the right side.

The instructions called for removing the storage pockets and drilling a hole in them to run the speaker wires. I didn't see a need to make things this complicated.

I ran the cables up the side of the storage compartments...

past the hinge assembly...

...and into the speaker area.

Connect the speakers, remount the pods, and you're done.

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