Kuryakyn Wing pegs

I'd been thinking about different pegs for the bike. Something a little more supportive and to more match the highway pegs. I ended up buying these at HDL to put me over the $100 minimum for their 10% off sale.

The pegs are P/N 1620-0207.

I took the whole peg assembly off the bike to work on it. It removes easily with a 6mm Allen head. Remove the cotter pin, remove the pin, and everything comes apart.

Reassembly is easy. The spring isn't very strong.

There is a small Allen head lock screw that keeps the peg from rotating. Loosen this to adjust the pegs.

I found the pegs felt the best when angled down slightly.

An overview of the pegs and highway pegs. The Wing pegs are large enough you can solidly rest your feet on them.

Update April 2008 - I took the pegs off and put the stock pegs back on. The added forward width of the Kuryakyn pegs made it harder to shift and the little set screws were constantly coming loose and letting the pegs turn.

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