Ergo II upgrade

My Goldwing came with Kuryakyn Ergo footpegs. The design of the original series compromised ground clearance, and mine had some road scars. I found out Kuryakyn made an upgrade kit to convert the original Ergo pegs to the Ergo II style. I ordered a kit from HDL.

The upgrade kit comes with a new base assembly. You re-use the peg and arm.

The Ergo II base brackets are redesigned to follow the lean angle of the bike. They also have a beefier bracing system.

Here is the first position I tried. You can see there is very little compromise to the lean angle with these pegs.

I eventually settled on this flatter position. It allows me to stretch my legs more. I can also put my heel on the factory peg and the front of my foot on the Ergo peg for a floorboard-like feel.

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