CB antenna mod

When we went on our trip to South Dakota John and I were able to talk on our CBs. It was fun to be able to communicate. However, I noticed the range on my CB sucked. I was lucky to get a 1/2 mile. Poor CB performance is a common theme with the GL1800 antenna setup. Some people buy different antennas.

I had a 4 foot top-loaded fiberglass antenna I wanted to try. The problem was that most normal CB antennas have a 3/8"-24 thread and the Honda antenna mount is a M8 - 1.25 thread. I initially was going to retap the Honda mount to 3/8-24. The only problem was the stock CB antenna wouldn't work anymore. I will keep it in place except when we go on trips...for looks.

Instead of tapping the expensive Honda antenna mount I decided to use a metric die and rethread the inexpensive CB antenna. I had to mill the antenna thread part down a little. I used a bench grinder and you can tell I wasn't being too careful...I ground part of the hex part off as well. If you can't tell, this is the first time I had ever used a die to rethread. It works though.

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