Wingsoft seat

Last fall I found a Diamond seat on Ebay. It was lowered and comfortable. However, there were some fitment issues that an expensive seat like that shouldn't have, and I didn't like the velour getting wet in the rain or when washing the bike.

A company named Wingsoft reforms the factory seat. One version they make is called 'Wingsoft small' which lowers the rider about an inch. I searched the site for information about the seats. Lo and behold, a guy was selling a Wingsoft small complete. The 'complete' means the rider seat, passenger seat, and passenger backrest had been redone. The seat was still for sale so I was able to buy it.

The seat also came with a Utopia backrest which was an added benefit. Now I won't have to cannibalize the one from my stock seat.

Wingsoft trims the humps from the sides of the seat to give that lowering affect. They also add foam to the center for a softer can see how it bulges up.

They add foam to the passenger seat for comfort, and to the backrest so the passenger will sit more upright.

I like the feel of the added foam, and the vinyl can be easily wiped off after a rain or washing.

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