Memphis Shades windshield

When I bought my Goldwing it had a Slipstreamer windshield on it. I suspected it was taller than stock. At its lowest setting I could barely see over it. When my brother got his Goldwing I did some rough measuring and guessed my windshield was about 3" taller. When I was measuring my windshield I raised it up and struck the vent on my Sirius mount, breaking the windshield vent. Oops! Another reason for a new shield.

I found a place on Ebay selling stock height Memphis Shades windshields with a vent and an orange lower tint.

Here is the new windshield in front of the old one. The old one is about 2 1/2" taller.

I like the lower orange tint. With the stock height windshield I can easily see over it or raise it all the way and look through it. More versatile than before. Also, this vent is much easier to open. The old one was very stiff.

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