Voltage gauge

The Goldwing has a nice complement of gauges. One missing is a voltage gauge. I had a Kuryakyn LED voltage guage that I used to use on my Nomad. It's small and simple. I decided to use it on the Goldwing.

After some ponderance about where to put it I decided on the headlight adjuster pod. I can connect the gauge to wires in the pod and the gauge can stay connected as part of the pod. It will not be in the line of sight and therefore a distraction.

I drilled a hole for the wires, then mounted the gauge with 3M trim adhesive tape. The wires exit the back near other wires. I ran the gauge wires along the wires for the fog light switch and soldered them to the power and ground of the fog light switch bundle. I then taped and zip-tied everything into a nice package.

Here is the finished product.

Update December 2011 - I've been moving some stuff around. I've decided to put the control for my Windbender where the LED voltage gauge was, so the gauge got bumped to the other panel.

Both the white and red wires measured 12V so I tried both to see which one stayed at 12V. It was the red one.

The finished rewiring.

Update July 2014 - For a couple years the leftmost green LED was burned out which was annoying. This past spring I installed a new gauge to get the bike ready for riding season. Today going to work I noticed the gauge wasn't working. When I got home I tested it. It was dead. Hmmmmmmm...last about four months. I think I'll mount a real gauge on the dash. No more Kuryakyn junk.

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