2013 Vevay Motorycle trip

September 19

This summer our riding group talked about taking a couple weekend trips. One was our trip to Bardstown. The other was a trip to Madison, IN. During the planning stages I saw an article in our newspaper about the newly remodeled and opened Vevay Swiss Inn in Vevay. We were having some difficulty finding accomodations in the area so this looked like a good opportunity. I made reservations for Donna & I. I would let the others pick their rooms as every room is different.

As time unfolded both the other couples were unable to go due to work and time issues. Donna and I had talked about going back to the Madison area since last year so we decided this would be the trip we had talked about. We were ready to get away from house remodeling for awhile.

Bedford, IN. 17:29, initial mileage 69,090 - As we often do on our short trips we decided to leave on Thursday evening. Donna had everything packed so when we got home from work we loaded up the bike and headed out. We used our street bag for the second time this year.

Brownstown, IN. 18:04, mileage 69,120 - I had forgotten to deploy my camera so no pictures so far. We pulled over in Brownstown to get fuel and get rid of some retard who had been tailgating us most of the way from Bedford. Donna got a couple fountain Mountain Dews.

We are trying a slightly different route. We normally take IN-250 to US-31 to IN-256. Today we're gonna bypass IN-250 and drop south to IN-256. From there it will be a straight shot to Madison and we'll avoid the now chip & sealed IN-250. It will also trim ~3 miles from the route.

Once you turn onto IN-256 it is almost arrow-straight to Madison. There are a couple of the old girder bridges which I enjoy.

East of the intersection of IN-3 I was disappointed to see the evil hand of Indiana's crappy chip & seal program had touched this road, too. Chip & sealed roads suck on a bike.

Eventually the smokestacks from the Clifty Creek power plant let you know you are getting close to Madison.

I'm always in awe of these huge smoke stacks.

The city of Madison was pretty quiet as we rode through. The new bridge still has a 15-ton limit so trucks are directed down IN-56 to the crossover at the Markland locks. This truck was going fast so I didn't mind following him. He can slaughter any deer who try to cross and he'll keep oncoming traffic in their lane.

The Ohio River was always off to the right. The semi is getting away from me.

Twenty miles later we reached our destination of Vevay. We parked on the street. I went inside to check in while Donna smoked. There was no one in the lobby but there was a bell to ring, so I rang it. Stacy, the innkeeper, came down from the third floor where her and her husband live. Donna & I were the only ones staying here tonight so she knew my name. She showed me the room. She said we could check out the other rooms and switch if we wanted to. That was neat.

I went back outside and Donna & I hauled our stuff to the room. The first order of business was to get supper. We had already decided to eat at Snappy Tomato Pizza down the street. We tried to call but ran into a problem that would haunt us all weekend. No cell service. Oh well...we'll walk over and order it to go. On the way out we talked to Stacy some more. She is very nice and full of information. She explained the inn is still a work in progress. It is actually a bed & breakfast but they aren't set up for breakfast yet.

Stacy told me I could park the bike in back. When we walked outside it was dark already. 8:00 and already dark. That's the bad thing about this time of year. I rode the Goldwing around to the back but there was going to be no parking it back there. The street has a drainage culvert next to the curb and there is no way the bike will traverse that without some serious rubbing. I parked on the side street in view of our room.

We placed our order at Snappy's and set outside while they made it. We ordered calzones and potato bites. Vevay is a nice little town. Several restaurants. A bar or two. A couple shops. It sounded like a band was practicing nearby.

When our food was ready we took it back to the room and watched TV and ate. They have wireless internet and cable TV. I set up my laptop. Donna wanted to go smoke so we did some exploring. We checked out some of the other rooms. The rooms across the hall are a little bigger and have sitting areas. Had I been more familiar I might have rented one of those. More room for the laptop and such.

We noticed earlier there is a balcony sitting area over the main entrance. We looked around and found out how to get there. It is a great place to sit and check out the town. It will be Donna's smoking and reading area. We hung out there until I started getting droopy so we headed back to the room.

It didn't take Donna long to fall asleep on the king-sized bed. I was watching TV and before I knew it it was 3am...holy crap. I turned it off and went to bed. Tomorrow we are headed to the Lexington area.

92 miles.

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