Wingrider trunk support brackets

A common problem with the GL1800 trunk is poor alignment of the trunk lid. Mine is no exception. The lid rubs the trunk on the right side. The wear nubs are almost gone. The left side is untouched. If you carry a load on the trunk this magnifies the problem.

WingRider Products has developed a trunk support system to allow the trunk lid to set on rubber bumpers instead of the trunk surface itself. The kit with shipping is $55.

The kit came in a small box via US mail. The installation is straightforward but I felt the instructions (pictures) were vague about the actual bracket installation.

Two screws are removed to allow the side trim to be removed. Later there will be a hole drilled that will be accessed under where the trim normally is.

A small portion of the trunk trim needs to be trimmed for the support bracket to fit. I used a set of shears. Here is a trimmed piece.

With the trim trimmed the support bracket fits into place.

The lower part of the bracket matches the contour of the trunk. A 13/64" hole is drilled here. I have LED lights where the trunk trim normally is so I had to make sure I didn't drill into the lights.

Rubber bumpers are screwed into the brackets...

...and the strikers are installed on the lid. The bumpers are adjusted for a good fit.

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