Lower trunk spoiler

Every so often I like to check Ebay for Goldwing parts. Sometimes I find something interesting. Recently I found an auction for a lower trunk spoiler. It matched my 2002 orange paint color so I purchased it from Iron Horse Motorcycles for about 1/3 the price of new. The spoiler is a genuine Honda part...P/N 08F65-MCA-170. They also had a lower saddlebag spoiler, but it was the 2003 orange color.

Here is the trunk spoiler.

Installation of the trunk spoiler requires removing the lower trunk panel. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Remove the side trunk trim pieces (2 screws per piece)...

Remove the rear trunk trim (2 screws). It was then I noticed whoever installed the lighted LED trim didn't put two of the screws back in when they installed the lights. Slackers!

There are two screws on each side of the trunk for the lower trunk panel and three on the back. The panel drops down the clear the trunk/saddlebag latches then pulls back.

After a good washing, I put painter's tape on the lower trunk panel. I put the supplied template on and marked the holes. From research I knew not to trust the holes. I centered the spoiler with the panel and worked my way out making sure the spoiler fit flush. As suspected, the template holes and the actual holes didn't match.

After all 6 holes were drilled I removed the painter's tape and the covering on the adhesive tape that is on the spoiler. I reinstalled everything making sure the adhesive tape stuck properly to the alcohol-cleaned surface.

Here is the spoiler on the trunk panel

The finished product. I think it has a classy look.

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