Trunk power outlet

My bike came with a cigarette lighter plug in the left front storage pocket. I moved it to the right side to power the Sirius satellite radio. This left a gaping hole in the left storage compartment.

There's a guy on Ebay named 'smoman71' who sells various electrical adapters for Goldwings. I purchased a storage pocket cigarette lighter plug, trunk cigarette lighter plug, and audio adapter cable.

I did this upgrade in conjunction with installing rear speakers and my storage organizers so I'd only have to tear everything apart once. The adapter plugs into the factory adapter and has another pigtail for other connections.

I drilled a hole in the trunk lid liner for the cable.

I cut a slit in the trunk lid organizer and tucked the power plug in a pocket so it won't flop around. I can use it to charge a cell phone or run a tire pump.

Update April 2008 - I removed the trunk lid storage organizer because it took up too much of the trunk headroom, so I mounted the cigarette lighter plug in the lid.

Here is a view of the backside of the lid.

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