Trunk light

For years I've pondered some sort of trunk lighting. I even bought some clear LEDs a couple years ago. Now that the bike is down for awhile I decided to tackle that project. Some schematic research showed that +12V, accessory power, and ground were available in the trunk lid for the lock/unlock module. I decided to base the lighting system off of the accessory power so I wouldn't accidentally run the battery down.

Super simple lighting circuit.

I used a 2-wire pigtail to connect the circuit to the power and ground. It allows the trunk lid to be removeable.

Accessory power is provided by the light green wire.

Pigtail soldered on.

Mount the switch.

Mount the lights.

Wire it up.

The LEDs do an adequate job of lighting the trunk.

I replaced the lights with LED strips I found at Autozone. They are whiter/brighter and don't take up any room.

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