Wingleader transformer passenger pegs

I've noticed when my girlfriend and I go riding for awhile I can feel her squirming around sometimes...especially after hitting a bump. She's 5'2" and the factory floorboards are a little far away for her, which allows her to creep down the seat. Then she has to push herself back up in the seat. I've seen passenger 'transformer pegs' advertised so I researched them. There were quite a few negative reviews of the expensive Kuryakyn version. The Wingleader version had many favorable reviews and they are less expensive. I decided to try them.

I was impressed with the parts in the kit. Thick, heavy parts and nicely chromed.

What wasn't so impressive were the instructions. Two generic pictures of the already installed product and somewhat hard to follow wording. Here is the general order the pieces are installed in.

The passenger floorboard is removed with an 8mm allen head driver. The stock bolts can be put in the 'box of old parts'. The cammed spacer is the first thing installed. It is the stop for the new peg lever and the cam action allows for adjustment of where the lever stops.

All the Wingleader parts use a 6mm allen head driver.

The shouldered spacer is next. Two wavy washers are applied, followed by the footpeg lever, then a plastic washer.

Here is the shouldered spacer installed. Leave the spacers slightly loose until the cammed spacer is adjusted to your liking.

The footpeg is installed and that's it. Repeat for the other side. I put a small piece of velcro where the lever contacts the saddlebag guard and positioning cam spacer so it won't rattle or rub the chrome.

My girlfriend trying out the new pegs. She really liked them and found that fully forward felt the best for her. There's 4-5 inches between the front of her foot and the back of my leg.

Video of the transformer pegs (1.4 MB)

I am really impressed with the pegs. They are completely independent of the passenger floorboards. The floorboards can be folded up and down without interfering with the transformer pegs. The transformer pegs do not trap the passenger's feet on the floorboards like the Kuryakyn brand do.

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