Motorcycle trailer remodel

Since the Goldwing is orange I decided to repaint the trailer. I've also decided to make a few changes while I'm at it.

The first thing I did was strip the trailer to the frame. I put the rest of the trailer in a pile.

The first modification was to shorten the tongue. I ended up cutting 18" off of it. The trailer worked fine with the long tongue but now it will take up 18" less space and not look so long.

I welded some nuts onto the trailer for some bedframe feet I had in my junk pile. When I want to store the trailer I will screw these feet in and stand the trailer on its end. Here is the trailer in storage mode.

I found the stock brake/turn/marker light assemblies laying in a box so I decided to use these in addition to the LED lights I already have. I'm also going to rearrange the LED lights a little.

I'm going to use the stock license plate holder, too. This will move the license plate forward a little so it won't drag as much. I welded the light brackets.

Here the frame is sanded and primed. Sanding is not my favorite job.

Have you ever seen a prettier color?

When I removed the wiring junction point it had some rust forming so when I reassembled the trailer I soldered all the wires together and eliminated the junction point.

Most of the trailer is reassembled except for the cargo carrier. You can see some of the lighting changes. I'm gonna put the other 15" LED light on the carrier.

When I was painting the trailer orange I knew the black fenders would look kind of drab. I thought about covering them with diamond plate. On a whim I did an Ebay search and found these diamond plate fenders for $40 made by '4doorman142'. They are very similar in size.

I transferred the hole locations to the new fenders and mounted them. I moved the marker lights to the outside of the fenders.

Here is the remodeled trailer.

The new lighting setup. I think the diamond plate fenders give the trailer a nicer look.

The remodeled trailer hooked to the Goldwing...just waiting for somewhere to go.

Check here for another remodel of the trailer...the best yet.

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