Trailer version 4

When I towed the motorcycle trailer home after the Goldwing crash there was an issue. I had used a 6-pin connector on the trailer and motorcycle. When I had added the 'brake only' center light I connected this wire to the center pin. The 6 to 7-pin converter I bought correctly routed the key-on power to the center of the 6-pin connector. Unfortunately, this made my center brake light stay on with the key, so I had to cut that wire to tow it home.

The motorcycle trailer actually made a nice utility trailer behind the Jeep and I can see it being pulled by the Jeep again one day. I decided to change the lighting some and to change the trailer (and bike) connector to 7-pin. I designed the wiring circuitry so I can move two wires and it will work with my Jeep. No more cutting wires.

Here are the changes I made:

- I changed the side taillights to LED. They now function as running/brake lights.
- I added the square red/yellow LED lights. The red is brake, the yellow are turn signals. This matches the bike.
- I added an LED flasher to the center brake light. This matches the bike.
- I center mounted the license plate.
- I added reverse lights.

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