2019 Louisville daytrip

August 25

A few weeks ago Donna brought up the idea of riding to Louisville and checking out the new Bandido Taqueria Mexicana restaurant. She also said we could ride to Rabbit Hash. I plotted a course...damn...306 miles. That will be a long ride. The morning of the ride Donna got a phone call. Grandbaby #5 was on the way! The ride would have to be postponed. I didn't mind. Temperatures were in the 90's and it would be miserably hot.

Fast forward to today. Temperatures in the high 70's. Sunny. No pending babies. The bike was fired up for a 9:00 departure. We tested the intercom and...hmmmmm...Donna's wasn't working. I'd just put new microphones on both helmets so that wasn't it. It ended up being a loose connection with her helmet cord. During the troubleshooting I noticed her plug on the bike was falling apart, but at least it still worked. Another bike project to add to the list.

It was cool this morning (59*) and even I had a jacket on. We stopped at Revere's for fuel and drinks, then headed south. Road construction between Bedford and Mitchell was annoying. At Paoli we took US150 towards Louisville. We stopped at the Marathon station south of Galena. There were probably 50 motorcycles there. We've already seen a lot of bikes.

I had planned to take US64 through Louisville. While setting at the gas station I decided to let the GPS choose the route, and I was surprised at the route it chose. It routed us through Floyds Knobs and over some curvy and scenic roads I wasn't expecting. We wove through New Albany and Clarksville and crossed the Ohio River on the US31 bridge. I avoid the I-65 bridge due to tolls.

I had placed the waypoint for the resturant one block north of reality, so we did a Google search and soon we were there. It was just after opening so we got a parking spot in front of the restaurant. When going somewhere 'in the city' I always wonder about parking but there is plenty here.

You enter the restaurant from the alley. It's not a normal 'sit down and order' type restaurant. It's more fast food style...you place your order and pick it up when it's ready. I normally lean towards chimichangas but they didn't have those, mostly tacos and burritos, so I had the Cardinal Burrito. The girl said it was big. The girl gave us a beeper and we went to the outdoor seating.

We were enjoying the beautiful weather when the girl showed up with our order. The burrito was huge! I only ate a third of it. It is the best burrito I've had. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The rest went into a take-home container.

We'd passed a nearby antique store on the way in so we went there next. It was the Louisville Antique Market. It is two stories so went spent some time there. Donna found a mixer glass.

With eating and shopping finished it was time to ride. US42 was just a few blocks away. We will ride this most of the way to Rabbit Hash. It was stop and go for awhile until we got north of I-71. From there the highway meandered a north easterly direction throught the pretty Kentucky countryside. We passed lots of motorcycles.

At the intersection with KY-153 we stopped at the Country Corner Marathon station. No gas needed, just a stretch and a bathroom break. The normal restroom was out of order so we used a porta potty. My right hip still gets sore following a spill I took exiting the skidsteer a few months ago. It needed to get off the bike for a bit.

With fresh drinks and a rested hip we continued on our journey. There was some road construction in our sister city of Bedford, KY. All the traffic we were behind continued on US421. We had US42 all to ourselves. At Prestonville we picked up the Ohio River. We rode through Carrolton where we stayed in 2012 and passed all the industry in the Ghent area. We've been through here several times. I noticed some of the train tracks that crossed the road had been removed. One of the YouTube truckers I like to watch, SuperTruckerDan, sometimes picks up loads here.

We passed the Markland Locks we have visited before. The Belterra Casino is across the river. At Beaverlick we turned west on KY-338. This will take us towards Rabbit Hash. At an intersection about a dozen bikes pulled out so we followed them. They even took the Lower River Road we had planned to take.

Rabbit Hash was packed with bikes and cars so we continued through. The GPS took us through Petersburg. I hadn't been that way before. There were some tight turns and pretty views. Soon we were on I-275 and headed back into Indiana. We stopped for gas west of Lawrenceburg. We decided when we got to Seymour we'd place an order at Snappy's Pizza in Brownstown and pick it up.

The ride home was nice. In Versailles we passed the Crossroads Family Restaurant, another place we love to eat. I'm still not sure about the new bypass around North Vernon. Faster...maybe? Boring...yes. One last stretch break in Seymour where Donna placed our Snappy's order, which we quickly picked up on our way through Brownstown.

We passed John & Debby's, but they are in South Carolina. It felt good to pull in the driveway loaded down with good food and having spent a great day on the bike with my sweetheart. Buford was happy to see us and we him. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing. Tomorrow I'll work on the garage project.

See you on the Highway!

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