Torq Loopz

I've been following the aftermarket exhaust discussions on the GL1800riders forum for years. A common complaint of most aftermarket systems is droning at highway speeds. There seems to be two solutions. Put the stock exhaust back on, or install Torq Loopz to replace the converters and crossover pipe. For some reason the Torq Loopz reduce or eliminate the drone.

After I installed the Torq Master mufflers I took it for a short test drive. It had a nice growl, and maybe a little drone at certain speeds. It was hard to tell since I only rode it for a few miles. I decided to go ahead and put on Torq Loopz since it was winter and the bike was still apart.

The hardest part about installing the Torq Loopz is cutting the converters off. The exhaust is cut 1 5/8" to 1 3/4" from the weld. The instructions say to drop the whole exhaust system, but I was able to cut the pipes in place with a large cutoff wheel.

The converters and crossover pipe.

The Loopz use existing mounting holes. Bolt them loosely in place. Install the mufflers. Adjust so the covers fit, then tighten everything and check for leaks.

When I fired it up in the garage it already sounded quieter...almost stock sounding but with a little rumble. I'll update as I get some miles on the system.

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