New taillights

Several months ago I bought a complete set of 2002 orange trim from someone who had triked their bike. Got the whole mess for almost nothing. For a long time I've stood back and pondered how the bike might look with it's original orange trim back on. The bike came with the chrome LED molding when I bought it, and I can't say I've ever really fell in love with it.

Looking at other orange Goldwings on the internet one thing was obvious to me. The orange plastic and red/yellow taillights didn't look good to me. The colors all kind of blobbed together. I thought it would look better with taillights like the 2006 and newer Goldwings have.

I was searching through the Goldwing parts on Ebay and found a set of Drag Specialties replacement lights. The seller was selling the trunk lights and saddlebag lights as a package. They looked like they would look good in conjunction with the factory orange trim. So I bought a set. When I install the lights I'll defarkle the chrome moldings. I hope the Goldwing people don't disown me for defarkling.

Here are the lights unpacked. I found the trunk lights were of the LED variety. Not sure how those will work.

Switching the taillights is a remove-and-replace job. Each light assembly is held in by three 8mm bolts.

The red and black wires power the LED molding strips. I'll be disconnecting the wires so I can remove the moldings.

I like the looks of the new taillights. Combined with the orange molding, they aren't bland like the factory lights.

The LED trunk lights work fine. They use multi-faceted mirrored reflectors instead of the LED shining directly backwards. The LED lights aren't harsh like the ones on my motorcycle trailer.

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