Generic mic muting idea

I have MicMutes (sadly, now out of business) and in the past Donna had a habit of talking when the microphones were turned off because she didn't know if they were on or not. Over the winter I modified the MicMutes and added a green LED so Donna can tell if the microphones are on. It works well.

The project turned out to be more involved than I thought it would be. I had to upgrade a transistor in the MicMutes control box to put out more current. A couple times I thought about chucking the MicMutes and making my own system. I even came up with a generic design that would work on any bike with an intercom.

It follows the principle of a 3-way house light switch. The rider or passenger can turn the system on and off by flipping their switch to the other position. The circuit defaults to the 'on' state in case of a relay failure. When the 'relay trigger -" line is connected to ground the relays are activated. This opens the rider/passenger microphone lines and turns off the indicator light.

Update: The red circuitry kills the passenger microphone when a radio PTT switch is closed. This removes unwanted wind noise generated from the passenger microphone when the rider is talking.

Feel free to use my design, and if you do, let me know how it works.

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