Trunk spoiler

I've always liked the look of the GL1800 trunk spoilers, but I didn't like the expense. I kept an eye on Ebay for an orange spoiler, or one that could be gotten cheap and repainted. I never had any luck. HDL sent me a 20% off coupon so I decided to bite the bullet and get the spoiler.

The Hondaline spoiler.

To mount the spoiler holes need to be drilled in the trunk lid. The instructions come with a template but I knew from research there would be little nubs cast into the lid that mark the hole locations. You can see them above.

Here I've center-punched the hole locations.

Start small and drill the holes slightly larger ending with an 11mm bit. I used a 7/16" bit.

Insert the brake light wire and mount the spoiler.

The brake light wire plugs into the white connector.

I couple shots of the finished spoiler. I think it looks nice.

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