Kuryakyn luggage rack spacers

When I bought my bike it had a Kuryakyn luggage rack. I planned to use it to carry things so I decided to add their spacers with a larger footprint to distribute the weight better.

Here's the rack with its normal feet.

The first step is to remove the trunk inner liner. There are a bunch of screws to remove. The wiring harness is for the locking controller for the trunk and saddlebags.

The white connector is a brake light connection for the optional spoiler. I'll be connecting my add-on LED brakelight here. The red connector is for the optional trunk light.

Adding the extended feet makes the legs longer and slightly changes the mounting points. The Kuryakyn instructions say to drill the existing holes out with a 1/4" drill bit. I found I had to go bigger...take your time and see what you need. I also added large washers to the underside for better weight distribution.

Here the larger feet are installed. The rack is now a little stronger and easier to clean under.

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