Skidplate mod

Whenever the subject of GL1800 overheating is raised on the forums some people raise a concern that the skidplates some people add to their bikes can contribute to making the bike run hotter. This is a wildly debated point. This past fall on our East 50 trip my bike pegged the temperature gauge while waiting in a traffic jam for almost an hour. It never boiled over, but it was hotter than I liked. Mike said his 2006, with larger radiators and fans, didn't get hot at all.

One company sells a skidplate with louvers to allow engine heat to escape. While I had my bike apart for the winter I decided to mod my skidplate to let it breathe.

I decided to cut out the center section while still maintaining protection for the oil filter and overflow reservoir. The dotted line is a flap I will create to protect the overflow reservoir.

The hole cut and the flap bent up. The whole assembly is still very rigid.

With the skiplate in place the flap protects the overflow bottle, but allows the exhaust heat to escape. I don't know if it will help with cooling, but we'll see.

Not too long after doing this Wingstuff had their louvered belly pans on sale so I bought one. I really like these. The stainless is heftier than the aluminum, and the front part attaches much easier than the Tulsa belly pan.

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