Blessent mon cur d'une langueur monotone
"Hurt my heart with a langour of sameness"

This is the second line of the poem sent 65 Years ago on 5 June 1944. This message was broadcast by the BBC on Radio Londres as the final message to the French Resistance that the Allied Invasion was going ot occur within the next 24 hours. This message was broadcast at approximately 10:15 PM.

More than 1000 British bombers dropped over 5000 tons of bombs on the coast of Normandy in preparation for the landings.

Germany's top secret Enigma machine was rendered useless and coded German messages could now be read in almost real time by the Allies.

Today on 5 June 2009 this message is being sent to you as a signal that vacation will commence in less than 24 hours. Operation Western Phelons will soon come to fruition!

This will be the last email you receive from me prior to the launch so I think it is appropriate to mention a couple of facts:

More than 155,000 Allied troops were involved in the D-Day Invasion. The operation was key to breaking Germany's stronghold in Europe.

Tomorrow we head west to a place called Omaha,Nebraska.

65 years ago in the early morning hours, troops from the US 16th Regimental Combat Division (1st Infantry Division), 116th Regimental Combat Team (29th Infantry Division), and the 2nd and 5th Ranger Battalions had landed on a place called Omaha Beach. It became known as "Bloody Omaha".

By midnight 34,250 troops had been landed on the small beachhead and over 2,200 casualties were reported at the end of the day.

I think it is important that we drink a toast in Omaha, Nebraska to help remember and celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and world freedom. After all, without the valiant efforts at Omaha Beach we quite assuredly would not be free to travel to Omaha, Nebraska today!

Let's Gear up and Ride!
Our Greatest Adventure Awaits!
Onward Phelons!!!!

See you all at 0530!


29th Infantry Division
116th Regimental Combat Team

2nd Ranger Battalion

5th Ranger Battalion

1st Infantry Division
16th Regimental Combat Division

Omaha Beach- Secured

Indiana East 50 PHELONS