June 2, 1944 - A provisional government is established for France in anticipation of the now unstoppable invasion. Allied Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery dine together to ponder the oncoming action.

June 2, 2009 - Vacation lurks at our doors with only 4 days left to the Invasion of South Dakota.

Some pics of our guys ready to take a ride across the English Channel and do some business:

The crew of of the LST325.

Troops on the LST 325 boarded and ready on 2 June 1944 taking a moment to pray.

Today is dedicated to the brave men of LST 325!

>From December 1943 until May 1944 LST-325 was involved in several training exercises along the southwestern English coast. On 5 June 1944 LST-325 sailed from Falmouth, England carrying elements of the 5th Special Engineer Brigade. LST-325 was part of Force "B", the back-up force for the troops going ashore at Omaha Beach on 6 June. On 7 June they anchored off Omaha Beach and unloaded the men and vehicles onto DUKW's and LCM's.

The LST 325 currently is on display in Evansville, IN.

The LST 325 doing what it was designed to do on Omaha Beach June 1944

October 3, 2005, opened a new and bright chapter in the saga of LST 325, when the ship arrived at its new homeport in Evansville, IN. The people of Evansville greeted the ship and crew with open arms and a brand-new $3 million dollar docking facility. The ship is now in a high profile location accessible to many visitors, conventions, reunions, etc., in a city that truly loves us and cherishes their own civic pride and sense of history.

Just another interesting connection I found while researching events.

Almost Time to ride!