2022 Savannah motorcycle trip

Day 1

July 30th of this year was a special date for me. After 37+ years working for the government I retired. For our motorcycle trip this fall we would be unencumbered with time restraints. I asked Donna where she wanted to go and she decided on Savannah, GA. We had pondered going there a few times with the motorcycle crew, but it had never materialized. Without time restraints we decided to go for two weeks. We'd take four days getting there...hitting antique stores along the way...stay there for several days...then spend three days coming back via a different route.

We decided to go in mid-October. It worked out that way with Donna's camping schedule and doctors' appointments and such. It also wouldn't be stinking hot in Savannah that time of year. We invited several people to go but no one was available. It would be Donna and I. On a side note, the Kurdzioleks are retiring at the end of the month!

Donna will be turning the big 5-0 near the end of the month. Her friend Mistie bought her tickets to see Luke Combs for her birthday. Donna asked me when our vacation was scheduled to end. October 22. Oops...the concert was the 21st. No biggie. I modified the schedule slightly. We'll leave a day early and come back in two days instead of three.

There wasn't much to do on the bike front. Change the oil and give it a good wash. The bike is 20 years old this year. I've had it for fifteen years and put over 90,000 good miles on it. As neat as the new DCT Goldwings sound I can't see getting rid of this bike anytime soon.

October 10

Vacation day! Everything is set. Reservations are made. Donna's mom will watch the house and Buford. The trailer is hooked up and all systems are go. The only slight issue is the weather. It is 38* this morning. Brrrrr. Donna said, "I've got layers." What a trooper. My insomnia had cursed me and I got maybe an hour of sleep so I was dragging a little. One of the things I need to do in retirement is maintain a better sleep schedule.

Bedford, IN. 9:51, initial mileage 109,309 - Our first stop on every trip is Revere's. I filled the tank with some 93 octane while Donna grabbed some drinks for the cooler. Pulling out of Revere's is the symbolic start of the trip.

Heading south on US150 is a common route for our trips. It will take us across the I-64 bridge since we are too cheap to pay the toll on the new I-65 bridge.

We stopped in Galena just north of Louisville. This is a normal stop. By now Donna's coffee has kicked in and she needs a break. There is also a bakery next door. Donna got a pastry. It is nice to rest and stretch before we do battle with Louisville traffic.

This is the first of several 'beauty and the beast' photos you'll see on this trip report. Donna makes me do it.

Crossing the Ohio River.

This view reminds me of John & Debby. If you cross the Ohio River in Madison you will see a similar view...a power station with tall smokestacks and the river bending to the left. Those smokestacks are easily visible from their new house. For the better part of fifteen years the bike crew would meet at their house on Friday nights to hang out and discuss travel plans and such. Covid restrictions messed that up, and last year they moved to Hanover to be closer to their son and his family. John and I have been friends for the biggest part of fifty years and it seems odd they are now 80 miles away.

Kentucky and some temporary lane restrictions. Surprisingly, traffic around Louisville was lighter than expected especially since this is a holiday.

Richmond, KY. 13:27, mileage 109,484 - I had initially planned to bypass Lexington by going down US127 and US150. I even thought about stopping in High Bridge, KY, to check out the big railroad bridge. However, since we left a little later this morning I decided to just do the interstate and save a little time. We'll save High Bridge for another day.

We wanted to get lunch. Donna suggested the nearby Dairy Queen or Big Boy. Dairy Queen was closer so we went there. Our first restaurant of the trip. I like to watch Donna as she looks over the menu board and makes up her mind. I already knew what she was getting. Chicken strips with gravy.

Road construction had northbound I-75 backed up for several miles. I'm glad we aren't coming back this way.

Riding through the Renfro Valley area I thought about Willard & Pearl Stiles. They liked to come down here and watch the country music shows. I've known them all my life. We went to the same church. When we lived in Pinhook Willard would deliver LP gas to us and Pearl worked at Bob White's LP Gas in the office. When I moved to Eureka Willard delivered gas there, too. I served on the fire department with Willard for over thirty years and Pearl was also a member of the Ladies' Auxiliary. He was the chief when I joined and was the last founding member. Sadly, Willard passed away in January 2020 and Pearl back in July. I miss them. The world was a little emptier when they left.

This poor old Camaro has seen better days. The convertible top was flapping in the wind. We have been pondering getting a convertible as our third vehicle. We're leaning towards an Infiniti G37 or some type of Lexus. We want a hardtop version of a convertible.

At Corbin was turned onto US25. We are done with interstates for the day. US25 is a nice 4-lane that weaves around the mountains on its way to the Cumberland Gap. I enjoy the non-interstate four-lanes. You can make good time...you aren't encumbered by slow pokes...and they are normally less treacherous than interstates.

On the way we passed Redline Fire Apparatus. I've never heard of that company. I think they used to be Wynn Fire Apparatus. They had a nice tandem axle tanker setting outside. We're supposed to get a new tanker next summer. We might take a motorcycle trip to visit it in Minnesota to check on its build. It would be a good excuse for my brother to go since he is the chief.

At Middlesboro we stopped at our first antique store...The Crater City Antique Mall. We couldn't find this place on our way back from Pigeon Forge earlier this year. I did a little more research and found it's exact location. After riding all day it was nice to walk and stretch our legs.

US25 goes through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. There is a scenic overlook I had thought about going to, but by this time I was tired from lack of sleep. I'll add that to my 'to go to' list.

At the Tennessee state line we veered off on US58 and worked our way down to the town of Cumberland Gap.

We arrived to find Whistle Stop Antiques closed. Donna peered through the windows and said she didn't think we were missing much.

The Cumberland Gap Inn was just a few blocks away. It is a neat old hotel with creaky floors and external doors. We got a room on the second floor on the end. They were having the roof replaced so the other end of the inn was pretty messy.

The rooms had an old time feel, but with modern amenities.

The view from our balcony. This would be a great place to hide out at for a few days. There are lots of little businesses and walking trails to explore.

The remnants of the railroad that used to run through here. It used to wind its way around and maybe go through a tunnel to make its way across the Gap.

It was nice to be able to rest. We ordered pizza from Papa Johns in Middlesboro. It was good. Sleep came easy that night. This would be the longest travel day on the way down.

282 miles.

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