Lower saddlebag spoiler

Every so often I like to check Ebay for Goldwing parts. Sometimes I find something interesting. Recently I found an auction for a lower saddlebag spoiler. It matched my 2002 orange paint color so I purchased it for about 1/5 the price of new. It will be a nice companion to the lower trunk spoiler I found last year.

Here is the Hondaline trunk spoiler.

Installation of the saddlebag spoiler is a simple remove and replace job. The end pieces are hold on with push pin fasteners which are accessed from inside the saddlebag. The kit includes replacement screws for these.

The side pieces have screws, but it takes a very shallow screwdriver to get into the tight space.

A comparison of the new trim (left) vs. the stock trim.

The finished product. I think it has a classy look.

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