Russell Daylong seat

This past winter 'Hollow Road Rider' from the forum negotiated a group buy with Russell Cycle Products for a 20% discount. I jumped on the bandwagon. Russell seats have a reputation for being the best.

Russell builds their seat from your existing seat. That way it fits when you get it back. I didn't want to donate the Wingsoft seat I had so I found a donor on Ebay that needed recovered anyways. I did not send in the passenger backrest since it was already modified.

My seat was built in mid-January 2012. I got the optional backrest. The Russell backrests are "V'd" at the bottom to allow more room for the passenger's legs. The Wingsoft seat was cut out to allow the rider to reach the ground easier. In contrast the Russell seat is built up so I had to get used to the difference. I also bought a taller Windbender HP windshield.

The Russell seat is much more supportive. Donna gives it two thumbs up also. After our trip to South Dakota this summer I will report back.

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