Relay board

Over the past years I've added and deleted a lot of electrical doodads. Consequently, the bike has become cluttered with wiring and relays. I have relays for foglights and driving lights under the left storage pocket. There are relays for the cornering lights under each pocket. There is a relay for 'key-on' power under the seat. The terminal strip under the left storage pocket is very crowded and I can't recall what some of the wires even are.

One of the cluttered areas was the CB cubby hole in the trunk. It was a spaghetti mess. While the bike was apart for winter maintenance I decided to clean up the wiring and make a relay board and put it in the cubby hole where it would be easily accessible should there be an electrical problem. No need to pull the seat or the storage pockets. The board sets on the 'shelf' in the cubby hole. This leaves plenty of room under the board for my FRSet4.

I used solderless crimp connectors on the relay board but all the other connections on the bike were soldered.

It all fits nicely under the lid.

Here is a schematic of most of my wiring additions.

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