Bike rebuild

On August 27, 2011, our motorcycle vacation was ruined by a drunk idiot.

One of the first orders of business after getting home was working on the bike. I stripped it down to determine damage. The repairs amounted to $7132, but fortunately it was not totalled. Since the bike was apart I took the opportunity to do some upgrades. I took the forks to Paul Bihm in Evansville to have them checked and rebuilt. I also bought a set of Traxxrite triple trees. I installed larger radiators and Torq Master mufflers.

After the forks, triple trees, and new radiators were installed I was able to put the front end back on.

All the parts I ordered arrived quickly except a very important piece...the saddlebag/trunk frame. It was backordered. I did as much work as I could, such as installing the new front fender mounting brackets.

After waiting over two months on Honda, I found a saddlebag frame on Ebay. Got it for less than half the price Honda wanted. Now work can begin again.

I took my time during reassembly. I wanted to put it together correctly the first time. I did little projects along the way, like installing a 7-pin trailer connector, rerouting some speaker wires, and redoing some electrical distribution. After a few weeks the bike was pretty much back together.

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