Radiator repair

A couple years ago my brother hit a deer with his 2007 Goldwing. He kept the bike up and there were no injuries to himself or the deer. The bike wasn't so lucky. The left front and side were in pretty bad shape. Luckily it wasn't totaled. He had it repaired at a local auto body shop.

After a year or so his fan started making a noise, so I took a look at it for him. This is what I found...

Holy Crap!

The radiator was bent in three dimensions. I was shocked it didn't leak. The plastic shroud that holds the radiator was in pieces. The fan had a chunk out of it. There's no way the body shop missed this. They just didn't fix it.

I ordered replacement parts from Ebay. The first two places I got parts from were a bust. They advertised the parts for a 2006-2017 GL1800, but when I got them they were for a 2001-2005. The first seller (invellop.cases) didn't give me a full refund and I had to pay return shipping. Avoid that guy.

I eventually got the correct parts from Bike Bandit.

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