Trunk organizers

I scored big with storage organizers for the Goldwing for Christmas: trunk lid, trunk, and saddlebags. The organizers are made by Choko Design.

I installed the trunk organizer first. There are precast nut inserts in the trunk. The centers are drilled out to mount the organizer.

However, due to the truck carpet I have the organizer wouldn't fit the factory holes. This required drilling new holes. A simple task.

The next organizer was the trunk lid organizer. It mounts using 7 of the trunk lid screws. The only thing I didn't like was under the bottom row of pouches there is probably 2" of wasted space between the organizer and the trunk lid. It would have been nice for the organizer to be more formed to the lid.

The upper edge of the organizer needed to be notched slightly for the latch bodies.

The saddlebag organizers use three screws and were simple to install.

Now I have places to put the odds and ends that end up on the bike.

Update April 2008 - I removed the trunk lid organizer. With it installed the lid wouldn't close properly with a helmet in there. I'm going to put the organizer in my motorcycle trailer.

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