Driving light relocation

I got a set of Baker footwings for Christmas. The installation was very easy, but the mounting hardware for my driving lights was in the way. I decided to mount them somewhere different.

I pondered different ways and locations to mount the lights. I've seen other Goldwings with the lights mounted under the mirrors. That's a good location, but my Baker handwings were in the way.

I thought about making my own mounting brackets using the bolt that holds the rearview mirror in place as a second attachment point. Then I started thinking if I used the PIAA mounting brackets and mounted the lights upside down there might be enough room for the handwings...so I ordered a set from Wingstuff.

Update 2019 - The mounting brackets are now sold by SoCalMotoGear.

I was happy to see the brackets are made out of thick metal. I didn't want the driving lights to vibrate. Hate that.

The brackets sandwich between the mirrors and the mirror mounting bracket. The PIAA kit comes with longer screws but I preferred bolt heads.

The handwings almost fit, but had to be trimmed a little. A small sacrifice to keep the hand wings that I like a lot.

A close up of the finished driving light remount.

The finished product. The driving lights are $30/pair Pilot PL199s. I think they look more appropriate mounted higher.

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