Goldwing updates

Every fall when the new bike season arrives the GL1800 forums are alive with speculation on changes or possibly a new model of Goldwing. Here are some changes I would like to see on a new or updated Goldwing:

- Six speed transmission. Pretty much standard these days. My brother's 1985 Magna has one.

- ABS standard

- A tire pressure monitoring system with real numbers for front and rear. Not a set of idiot lights for factory set limits.

- Gear position indicator. My brother's 1985 Magna has one.

- Reverse the fans to match the natural airflow. Keep the fans on until 20-25 mph.

- Cornering lights. Great for turning and letting traffic know your intention.

- An air filter that is easier to change.

- Larger trunk with integrated spoiler with a third brakelight and turn signals.

- Larger, top-loading saddlebags.

- Turn signal indicators in the mirrors.

- Updated radio to play MP3s and be able to use the handlebar controls.

- Heel/toe shifter.

- Improved suspension...not so loose and wallowy.

- A wider array of color choices.

- Update radio communications to include FRS/GMRS/MURS/Amateur in addition to a CB, or at least make it a plug-in option.

Update 10/2017 - The new Goldwing has been released and there are some nice updates:

- 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions
- ABS standard
- New electronics including a real tire pressure monitoring system and gear indicator
- Improved suspension
However, from the perspective of a current owner there are several big negatives:
- Smaller trunk
- Smaller saddlebags
- Smaller fuel tank
- Smaller passenger area
- Smaller headlights
- Smaller mirrors
- Smaller windshield and less wind protection
- No brake/running lights on the trunk
- No communications other than an expensive CB option
- No intercom
- No more storage compartments for the passenger
- No obvious mounting location for foot pegs
- Honda navigation worse than the previous Garmin
- Alternator and starter are now one unit. That'll be cheap to replace...
It will be interesting to see how the new bikes fare as real people start using them.

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