Accessory circuit

Goldwings seem to be magnets for electrical doodads and mine is no exception. I'm gonna re-power the foglights, add a Hoppy trailer converter, maybe add driving lights, install a GPS and Sirius, and who knows what else.

One thing (of many) I love about this Goldwing is it already has a relay-powered accessory circuit from the factory. I'm going to use one of these points to power the Sirius radio via a cigarette lighter plug that came with the bike.

I'll need power for these accessories so I added a circuit. There are a thousand ways to do this. Here is what I did.

I ran a 4-conductor cable from the fuse block area to under the left storage pocket area. The blue wire is for the foglight power. The blue/black wire is power for possible future driving lights. The red wire is for the GPS, heated vest, and future expansion. There is also a large black wire in the cable that I ran to the central grounding point.

I terminated the new circuit at a terminal strip. Hopefully this will be accessible by removing the storage pocket.

I have several types of fuse blocks laying around the garage. This one fit the best in the area next to the factory fuse block. So far I still have a position left for future expansion. I have learned by experience your fuses need to be easily accessible. You don't want to tear your bike apart alongside the road to check a fuse...been there, done that. It sucks.

Update June 2008 - More add-ons have required me to install a larger fuse panel.

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