2012 Nashville trip

Day 1

This past summer John & Debby took a weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee. They enjoyed the area and the history so the bike gang decided to do the same. We'll check out some mansions, learn more about the Civil War, and attend the taping of the 2012 CMA Christmas show.

This time of year you can count on cold and crappy weather so we'll be going in the Suburban. Mike has been having voltage regulator issues again on the Venture so it worked out well.

November 1

We met at 17:15 and headed east. I didn't have to take any leave which is nice. We have the normal East 50 Phelons crew on board...

John & Debby pilot the S.S. Suburban.

Mike & Jerri...Kurdziolek. Yes, Mike made an honest woman out of her last month.

My fiance Donna.

The weather could best be described as cold and blustery. It felt good to be warm and cozy in the Suburban.

We stopped for supper at Famous Dave's in Clarksville, IN. I had briscuit and cod. The cornbread muffins were so good that we got more for the road. Sadly, we had so much good food during the trip the muffins ended up going in the trash when we packed for home. The inhumanity!

We took I-65 to Nashville so the trip down was pretty bland. At least the parts I remember. I took a few naps with my full stomach. We made a pitstop at the Tennessee welcome center.

We gained an hour and without incident we arrived at the Brentwood Candlewood Suites at 10:32pm. The rooms were nice with a kitchen and living room area. We unpacked then drove back to a gas station for pop and supplies.

Tomorrow we'll learn about one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War that few people have ever heard about.

262 miles.

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