Muth Mirrors

I like the looks of rear view mirrors with the LED turn signals in them. They're very visible on the bikes I've seen with them. I was a little shocked at their price though. Even on sale HDL's price was over $200 for a set. One Saturday I was working an extra ambulance shift (more spending money) and I found a set on Ebay with a starting bid of $157. I bid the minimum and won.

The kit includes the mirrors, wiring adapters, and good instructions.

I was impressed with their construction. The backs were metal and the mirrors are easier to adjust than the factory mirrors.

Installation is easy. Remove the screw in the bottom.

Remove the factory mirror.

Raise the bottom of the mirror boot and unplug the turn signal wire.

Insert the Muth adapter harness.

Run the power cable into the mirror housing and connect it to the Muth mirror.

Install the Muth mirror. That's it!

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