Mud flap

I've thought about putting a mudflap on my bike to cut down on debris thrown by the rear tire and maybe keep the back of the bike a little cleaner. They make mudflaps for the Goldwing but since I have a trailer hitch they won't fit. I decided to see if I could mount one on there.

I couldn't find any mudflaps around town so I ordered a plain set from Auto Accessories 4 Less.

I had initially intended to make some brackets to hold the mudflaps in place, but after I got to looking at it I decided to use large zip ties. It would be easier...especially since this is kind of experimental. I marked and drilled holes.

Zip tied in place and trimmed. There's still at least an inch of clearance between the hitch and the larger car tire.

Mud flap in place. I might have to find one with a logo or something on it.

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