Mic Mutes

Now that I have a girlfriend who likes to ride and go on trips I decided to set up Donna's helmet for communications. I bought new Edsets 3G headset systems for her and myself.

The Goldwing intercom is normally on all the time and will pick up wind noise and microphonic noise. A solution to this is the Mic-Mutes system (now, sadly, out of business). This allows the helmet microphones to be manually switched on and off.

Installation is straightforward. An adapter harness is placed between the headset plugins front and rear. Here is the one for the passenger connection.

A third harness is connnected to the passenger push-to-talk (PTT) connection. The Mic-mutes gets its triggering from here.

The control box connects to all three of these harnesses with telephone cable. Connect 12V & ground to the control box and you're done.

To activate the Mic-mutes you quickly depress the CB PTT switch once. It kills the connection to the microphones, but not the speakers. Depress the PTT switch again and the microphones are live. Simple, and it works well.

A couple years ago I relocated the passenger headset connection to the driver's backrest. When I got the Russell seat I lost this. Instead of putting the stock holder back I installed a flush-mounted headset connection and a passenger PTT switch. This allows Donna to also control the Mic-Mutes (and talk on the CB).

It was a simple project. The wiring runs through the storage pocket to the connections under the seat. I connected a male plug on a lanyard to keep the weather out when not in use.

Update April 2012 - The Mic Mutes are working great. Not only is the wind noise annoying but it also keeps muting the music. One click of the CB PTT switch and the mics are muted. The Mic Mutes didn't interfere with my FRSet system at all, either.

I also found a Hondaline PTT/volume switch on Ebay. It's supposed to mount near the passenger's grab handle but I modified it to mount in place of the other PTT switch.

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