2018 Madison day trip

The weather so far this year has been cold and rainy. The weather is finally starting to get nice so Donna suggested a bike ride for Saturday. Neither of us have ridden the bike this year. Mike & Jerri were available so they will go with us.

May 5

We met at the Kurdziolek's at 10am. I finally got to see Mike's new trike. Nice! It is a 2014 black Goldwing trike that Southern Powersports customized with a beautiful purple. It's the only one like it in the world. I've always been a fan of CSC trikes but I've never saw one up close in person. It has lots of nice touches...cornering lights, reverse lights, a brake light built into the trunk lid, and tons of room in the trunk.

We have some mods to do to it before our bike trip in June. Armrests and back rest. Fog lights. Radio communications.

The plan is to make a northernly loop via IN-46 through Columbus and Greensburg, stop for lunch at the Crossroads Restaurant, then do a little antiquing in Madison. There is some precipitation in the Madison area but we will keep an eye on it. It is overcast which I like.

It felt good to be out on the bike with Donna. IN-135 is a fairly curvy road and I was enjoying becoming one with the bike again. North of Freetown I saw a water snake in the road. I missed it but the big purple trike didn't. Poor snake. Donna smiled. She doesn't like snakes of any kind.

We stopped in Story for a stretch. I remember the main building being a store but now it is a restaurant and inn. We thought they might be having a wine festival but it is next weekend. There were a bunch of bicyclists resting. As they moved out I was glad to see them head south. Encountering bicycles on this curvy road would not be fun.

We had pondered visiting Nashville, although it is several miles out of the way. When we came to the intersection of IN-46 traffic heading to Nashville was backed up for miles due to construction. We turned east and left Nashville for another day.

We stopped in Greensburg for fuel. The ride has been great so far. My stomach is growling. Good thing lunch is only 29 miles away. IN-46 was a nice ride through Columbus.

Greensburg's claim to fame is there is a tree growing out of the courthouse clock tower. Donna had never seen it.

It was nice to arrive at the Crossroads Family Restaurant in Versailles. We were all hungry by now. We timed it well and arrived after the lunch crowd. They have a covered outside area so we sat there. It's nice and quiet.

We love eating at Crossroads. The food is great and comes in huge portions. It is served quickly and it isn't expensive. The only problem it is 77 miles from home.

There were some other Goldwing riders eating there. I like to see other Goldwings out and about. After lunch we rode back down the road a little to an antique store the girls had seen. It was closed. We checked the weather radar. There was rain here and there around Madison but we decided to go for it.

Several miles from Madison it started sprinkling but it wasn't a problem. I am now prepared. Rain has always been my nemesis because I've never had a good shield setup on my helmet. Last year I bought a flip-up shield that only covers down to my nose. Being smaller it doesn't catch a lot of wind when flipped up. That was always my issue before. This smaller shield works great.

Our first stop was the River West Antique store. Their parking is gravel so we parked across the road.

We stood around out front while a few cigarettes were burned. Inside Donna found a Pyrex baby bottle. It looks like she needs to find a new pair of jeans. Ha!

Our next stop was the Lumber Mill Antique store. I found an old dictionary from the 1920's that will go in Donna's library.

It had been raining the entire time we were in Madison. Checking the radar it looked like IN-7 would be the quickest route out of the rain.

We stopped at the Seymour Walmart to stretch and remove rain gear. Mike is getting serious about removing his rain gear.

Mike & Jerri were going to Casa Brava for Cinco de Mayo when they got back to Bedford and they invited us to join them. Sounds like fun! Donna had a peach margarita, and I had a Coke. No food was ordered after the big lunch. We snacked on chips and salsa. It was a nice way to finish a great ride!

See you on the Highway!

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