2017 Madison, Indiana day trip

A few weeks ago John, young Kyle, and myself went over near Hanover, Indiana to pick up some Trojan batteries for my solar system. We passed a couple antique shops in Scottsburg that we've never visited. On the way back we happened upon a nice little country store that served good food in Blocher. It was mentioned this would be a nice daytrip on the bikes someday.

'Someday' came earlier this week when John suggested forgoing our normal Friday night meeting for a Saturday day trip to Scottsburg and Madison. As a group we've not did a lot of riding this year so excitement soon set in. The weather has been stinking hot for the last several weeks, but a storm yesterday has pushed temperatures down into the 70's. Icing on the cake.

July 29

The first stop for Donna and I was at Revere's for drinks. Donna pondered a ham & cheese sandwich for breakfast but they didn't have any this morning. Revere's has excellent food but their selection varies day-to-day. Look at that happy face!

This past spring Donna switched jobs in the hospital and now works 12-hour shifts that vary week to week. She is currently in the middle of having SIX days off! I'm so jealous...

The plan was to meet at John & Debby's at 9am. A nice surprise was that John's brother, Mike, was riding with us. That's his GL1500 on the right.

John had mentioned he was starting out with half a tank of gas. By the time we reached Scottsburg I was about half myself so we gassed up there. We spent a while sipping drinks and enjoying the wonderful day.

A mile or so down the road we parked on the old city square. The antique stores are within a short walking distance. Donna found a few things and I even bought an old tool for $3.

Our next stop was lunch at the country store in Blocher. I think everyone had bacon cheeseburgers except Mike K. He's always different. Ha! The food was very filling.

There are a couple large antique stores in Madison near the river. The first one we came to is the RiverWest antique mall. Donna found a few pieces of Pyrex.

The road behind the RiverWest store leads to our second stop in Madison, the Lumber Mill Antique Mall. Donna has been looking for some bookends and she found a set here.

It was 4pm or so when everyone was finished shopping. It was time to head back towards Bedford. I thought about going back via IN-7 but it was closed for construction. There has been a lot of road construction this summer. We went back via IN-256 to Austin then northwards on US31. The GPS suggested a shortcut which turned to gravel. Oops! Shortcut #2 worked.

We made a pitstop at the Shell station in Brownstown for some drinks and a last round of socialization. We'll go our separate ways once we get back to Bedford. Donna has a date tonight...with her son. Another great day trip!

140 miles.

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