Air Deflectors

When I bought my bike it had a set of the Honda/Big Bike Parts air deflectors on it. They were black (dark smoke) and they got in the way of the highway pegs so I took them off. There have been times riding in hot weather where it would have been nice to deflect the radiator heat off me, and vice versa when it was cold.

I had long since revamped my highway pegs and their position and I thought the deflectors might not interfere with this new setup. I put the old deflectors on and tried them for a week or so. They worked okay now. I decided to order a set of orange deflectors from HDL (Big Bike Parts P/N 52-661L) to match the bike and give the dark set to my brother.

The deflectors unpackaged.

Installation is simple. Remove the trim strip...

...attach the deflector...

...and you're finished. Enjoy control over the radiator heat.

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