Goldwing windshield latch mod/repair

When I was taking the old windshield off for my Windbender installation I heard a clunk but didn't think much of it. When I got the base windshield on I went to adjust it down and found it was stuck in the top position. After messing with it for awhile I could stick a screwdriver in the mechanism and get it to lower but as soon as I ran it up again it was stuck once more. I searched the GL1800 forum and found my problem. The clunk I heard earlier was a piece of the ratchet mechanism falling out. Apparently this isn't uncommon. I found it lying in the nose of the bike. In my attempt to put the piece in somehow I got it jammed in the mechanism and now the windshield was infinitely didn't click every inch or so. Another thing I realized is my windshield has NEVER clicked like that. To fix it correctly I'd need to take it apart. A project for winter I'm thinking. Well, winter is here....

I removed all the mounting bolts for the windshield latch but couldn't move it enough to get the ratchet mechanism out. If I could move the instrument panel forward the assembly would tilt down and I could get the thing out.

The mounting bolts for the instrument panel are buried. To get to them I'd have to remove the front fairing. Too much work! But...if I cut off the back end of the speaker enclosures...hmmmmmm.

A few minutes work with a drywall saw and they were gone. The instrument panel mounting bolts are now easy to get to. My speaker enclosures are packed with insulation anyway so I don't see where the extra part does anything for me. The speakers still sound the same.

I drilled a hole for a roll pin. Now the latch works properly.

Apparently the later model bikes have a slightly different ratchet mechanism and this isn't a problem.

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