Helmet plugin relocation

When we go on trips John and I use the CB to communicate. When we stop for gas I put my helmet on the back seat and the cord stretchs from the front to the back. This gets in the way if I ride my bike to the side after getting gas. I've taken to using the passenger connection since it's more convenient, but the cord rubs the saddlebag.

The other day on the GL1800 forum I saw where a guy with a Utopia backrest had rerouted the passenger connection to come out beside the backrest. Hmmmmmm...excellent idea.

Moving the plug isn't hard. It's a little tricky where you snake it through the frame.

The other end connects here.

The plug fits nicely through a 15/16" hole. I poked a screwdriver through to the other end to get a sense of direction then drilled as far in as possible.

Then I fished the connnector through with the skill of an endoscopic surgeon. Ha!

There's still plenty of cable left on the underside.

The connector zip-tied in place.

A fairly simple project as projects go.

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