Matching helmets

After getting the Goldwing I wanted to find matching orange helmets. Most helmet manufacturers offer helmets in the same colors as the bikes that year. Since 2002 was the only year for this particular shade of orange I knew it wouldn't be an easy task. I wanted to find 3/4 helmets with the 5-snap pattern.

The helmet on the right is Sarah's. I actually found this one pretty quickly on Ebay. A Honda dealer was getting rid of some old helmets. This one was a match for the 2002 orange, even has 'Goldwing' on it, and was only $95.

Finding one for me proved more difficult. I tried a couple different sizes of KBC helmets from Sierra Electronics. Neither fit me and they were both a darker orange from the 2007 model year Goldwings. Every day I'd search Ebay for the elusive orange helmet to fit my melon head. I started to think I was out of luck.

One day I was Googling helmets and found that Arai made a classic/M helmet in 2002 with the correct shade of orange. I started searching the internet in hopes of finding one. As luck would have it I was able to find one at Sierra Electronics. They were having specials on old helmets. I ordered one in XXL and it fit perfectly. The best part was the normally $300 helmet was only $100.

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