Helibar LST handlebars

A couple years ago Helibars introduced a new handlebar setup for the GL1800. It was super adjustable, well-built, and came with a serious case of sticker shock. People who bought them give them lots of praise for their adjustability and better handling due to the solidness of the handlebars. I could never get passed the price so I never gave much thought to them after that.

I have had Reg Risers on my Goldwing almost as long as I've had it. I've never cared much for the stock handlebars and the risers helped (I'm an apehanger guy). Recently I was riding my Victory (with its apehangers) wishing I had better handlebars on the Goldwing when the thought of the Helibars started creeping inside my head. I had just gotten my tax refund so I decided to give the Helibars a try.

Here are some overall pictures of the Helibars. I'm not going to show the installation. Helibars installation instructions are the best I've ever seen and are available online.

I have the Helibars mounted as high as they will go. This setup is very comfortable. Another nice feature is the crossbar. Besides adding stiffness it is a great place to mount my GPS.

Here are a few pictures to show all the different ways the bars can be adjusted.

Every axis has some degree of adjustment.

The hose extensions for the brake and clutch reservoirs are a nice touch. The way the base bars are made it makes it very easy to tuck the hoses and wires into the handlebar cavity. All the workmanship is top notch.

Note: If you want to retain the bar weights order the F6B Deluxe version. The GL1800 version isn't threaded to accept the weights.

As nice as the bars are there are two big negatives:

- the price,
- the bars were apparently prototyped on a 2006-newer bike. The meter cover on the 2001-2005 bikes can't be installed/removed unless you unbolt the crossbar...which is an annoying pain. They should have thought that out better.

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